Atlanta Braves Tim Hudson Suffers Tib-Fib Fracture

Jul 30

I was in all my glory on July 24 as my beloved Atlanta Braves took the field in the bottom of the 8th inning with a 6-0 lead against the host New York Mets. But no sooner had pitcher Tim Hudson covered first base for the second out than an ugly incident took the wind out of my sails.

Warning – This Video May Be Hard to Watch

Sitting in Citi Field’s left field seats, I prayed that Hudson, having collapsed to the ground in pain, had suffered only an ankle bruise as a result of being stepped on by Mets batter Eric Young. But I realized my worst fear after an eight-minute delay in the game. Once the cart came to take Hudson off the field, I knew (even from 300 feet away) that it was a tib-fib fracture (broken ankle) and his season would end with surgery.

Being a right-handed pitcher, Hudson uses his right ankle to rotate and push off in order to generate force with his legs to his upper quarter. Rehabilitation will take three to four months. With a liberal bout of physical therapy to improve range of motion and strength once the ankle is stable, Hudson should be able to play again.  But it will have to wait until spring training of next year.