Five Tips for Happy, Healthy Holiday Shopping

Nov 25

healthy holiday shopping

As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season rapidly approach, consumers will flock to malls, shopping centers, the Internet.  It is no surprise that blood pressure rises, aches and pains become more apparent, and money dwindles this time of year.

So, how does one stay healthy (and sane) during this hectic time?  These five tips will go a long way toward keeping body and mind sound into the New Year.


1. Take mini-breaks

The big malls and shops aren’t always nearby, but that’s where the deals are.  Prolonged driving positions can wreak havoc on arthritic joints as well as the neck and back. It’s a good idea to take mini-breaks to your final destination if it is more than one hour away. Break up the drive, even if just to stop for a minute or two just to stretch.

2. Shop in manageable parts

If the commitment is to be out for the long haul, then breaking up the day into manageable parts is the way to go.  Trying to get the shopping done in one shot, going from one store to the next, can do a number on feet.  Taking a trip to the food court or simply grabbing a bench to decompress on can take stress off your feet, mind and wallet.

3. Avoid peak times

Long lines and big crowds can be stressful.  Shopping during non-peak hours can help you avoid a lot of hustle and bustle.

4. Take a load off

When shopping for larger or multiple items, it’s a good idea to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders … literally.  Pain can arise when trying to carry too much for too long.  Dropping off items in the car with each order can take strain off the neck and shoulders.

5. Sit tall when online

Online shopping is a way to avoid a lot of stresses – but the neck and back might not be among them. Poor posture while sitting at a computer for an extended time is one of the leading reasons for back pain.  Sitting tall and taking frequent breaks are good ways to have a symptom-free holiday season.