Six Easy Steps in the Pool Can Add Splash to Our Summer Workout

Jul 1

For a good alternative to weight training, jogging and conditioning exercises this summer, try pool exercises.

Water’s natural properties reduce stress to joints and tissues and strengthen and tone muscles.

1. Begin with a five- to 10-minute warm-up.  Simply walking backward and forward, forward and backward, and side to side in waist-deep water will warm up your muscles and joints.

2. Next, do a series of gradually intensifying strengthening and aerobic exercises for 20 to 30 minutes, or longer if you can handle it.

3. Standing in chest-deep water and moving your arms in and out, in a hugging motion, will warm up your shoulders and rotator cuffs.

4. Hanging on a foam noodle in deep water helps to decompress and unload the spine. You also can hang suspended in the water for more-challenging exercises.

5. While hanging on the noodle, several exercises can be performed to help with cardiovascular condition, strength and muscle tone which may include:

– Bicycles

– Leg scissors (in-out and forward-backward)

– Knee lifts to work abdominals

6. Conclude with light walking in the pool, similar to the warm-up.