Heal at Home with Exercise & Virtual Physical Therapy

Whether through telehealth appointments or providing you with home exercise resources, we are here for you during these times of change and uncertainty.

Home Exercise Videos Telehealth Success Stories

We know that the need for physical and occupational therapy does not stop during times of change and uncertainty. We are excited to offer our patients telehealth, an alternative option for care for those who want to take additional safety precautions.

Also, our physical therapists have provided some free video resources below to help you in your home exercise efforts.

Home Exercise Videos

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth physical therapy is simply physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform, instead of in a clinic. Utilizing video conferencing through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, a licensed physical therapist will work one-on-one with you to assess your condition and provide real-time feedback. They can also provide modifications and recommendations on current programs and exercises, and help you continue your PT progress without disruption or regression.

For answers to some other common questions about telehealth, visit our Telehealth FAQs page.

Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy

  • Provides an option for patients looking to take extra precautions during this time of time of change and uncertainty.
  • Allows patients to participate in their physical therapy treatment from the comfort of their own home.
  • Can be used to complement your in-clinic treatment plan.
  • Quick access to care with no office wait.
  • Diagnosis, consultation, education and care management of their current condition.
  • Minimizes requirement to travel to a physical therapy clinic.
  • Telehealth PT also allows patients who live in a rural or far-away location to get quality care right at home.
  • Gives patients greater freedom to schedule appointments that meet their own specific schedules.

Telehealth Success Stories

My therapist has been working with me on my neck and shoulders issue. He continues to provide physical therapy online… the online therapy will keep me going forward with my mobility and not slide backwards. – Becky, Physical Therapy Patient

My recent experience with Telehealth was excellent—“the next best thing to being there”! We “met” & addressed all issues, including questions that I had. At home exercises will make sure that all the progress I had made will continue! – Jane, Physical Therapy Patient

I have had two telehealth appointments this week, and they are so helpful and easy to do. My therapist was able to assess where I am, and tell me what I need to do until I can return for therapy there. I have experienced improvement doing the exercises he has me doing at home. I’m surprised how much can be accomplished over the internet! I’m grateful they are making this available. I’m sure I would not be able to maintain what I have accomplished since my last appointment without these online appointments. Give them a try. – Jacquin, Physical Therapy Patient

I had my first Telehealth appointment, and it went really well. The app is pretty simple to use and it was good for my therapist to see my living environment. He was able to give me some tips for things to do at home to continue my progress through a challenging time. So far, so good! I am experiencing fewer and fewer symptoms each day, so long as I keep up my exercises! – Mary, Physical Therapy Patient

Home Exercise Videos

At Home HIIT Workout for Any Fitness Level

This high-intensity interval training workout framework will help you improve your aerobic capacity. It will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness and stroke, helps with weight loss and decreases the chance of insulin resistance. It is appropriate for a multitude of age groups and ability levels.

Simple At-Home Exercises During Pregnancy

With what is going on in our environment these days, many of us are limited to our homes, especially if you are pregnant. There is concern about what the limited activity might do to our overall wellbeing. These exercises can help with gestational diabetes, stress and tension and pain in your back shoulders and other areas.

Exercises to Prevent Knee Injuries & Prepare to Return to Sports

Because many of us are staying home right now, we’re unable to participate in organized athletics. These exercises will help to keep your stamina, improve mechanics with dynamic movement, and help prepare you to return to sports safely.

Exercises for Working from Home

These exercises can be done at home at your desk. They will help to keep you flexible, energetic and also work to keep your joints and your muscles healthy.

Ladder Exercises to Improve Agility & Speed

For these exercises, you can use sidewalk chalk or tape to create your own agility ladder. This provides a unique and great workout to keep you healthy, work on footwork, and improve speed while at home.

At-Home Exercises for a Healthy Back and Hips

These exercises will help you learn how to activate and strengthen your abdominal and hip muscles to provide support for your spine with dynamic movement and help you stay healthy while spending time at home.