Drayer Physical Therapy Institute Becomes Heart Safe with Cardiac Solutions™ AEDs

Mar 17 |

Drayer Physical Therapy Institute Becomes Heart Safe with Cardiac Solutions™ AED Agreement

Cardiac Solutions, a world leader in public access defibrillators, announced today that it will place HeartSine automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across the network of Drayer Physical Therapy Institute locations.  As the company’s supplier of choice, Cardiac Solutions will supply over 100 samaritan® PAD 350P AEDs to Drayer facilities which are located across 15 states.

“As a leading operator of outpatient physical therapy clinics in the U.S, we chose to equip all of our facilities with lifesaving defibrillators to ensure the well-being of both our patients and staff,” said Kristen Carpenter, Quality Assurance and Regulations Manager.  “Because we will need to manage the AED equipment in a large number of locations, we opted to go with the HeartSine samaritan AED which simplifies maintenance as the tiny device uses a combination electrode and battery pack with a four-year lifetime.  Not only does this mean that we need to manage only one consumable, it significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.”

Cardiac Solutions will place AEDs in each of Drayer Physical Therapy new clinics, which are located primarily in the Northeast and Southeast.  The company recently opened two new clinics in Alabama, and expects to see more clinics opened throughout the year.

“We applaud Drayer Physical Therapy Institute for recognizing the importance of AEDs for patient care,” said Jon M. Seale, Chief Executive Officer, Cardiac Solutions. “ This clearly sends the message that Drayer cares about their employees and their patients”.

About SCA

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart stops pumping blood to the rest of the body (including the brain) and the victim quickly loses consciousness. CPR alone will not restart the heart. The American Heart Association recommends defibrillation within three to five minutes for the best outcome. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an SCA event occurs once every 34 seconds.

About Cardiac Solutions

The mission of Cardiac Solutions, a world leader in personal and public access defibrillators, is to advance the deployment of life-saving defibrillation therapy for the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in non-traditional areas of care. Cardiac Solutions also offers a comprehensive portfolio of AED solutions that include planning, design, implementation and administration, enabling medical oversight, training and management of AED devices through a single point of contact.